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Schools & Classrooms painting

Home Economics. Lunchroom. Science Lab. Gymnasiums. Schools are built with many purposes in mind. Education and nutrition take many forms within one building. Our professionals at SouthFace LLC realize the many needs involved with such a large project. Your hallways will find many busy bodies scraping walls, taping signs, and making all around wear and tear an issue for paint. Using the wrong paint can leave you with an unsatisfying coat of scuffed up colors that take away from your school spirit. For weight rooms, gymnasiums, and other active locations, you want to make sure you have special non-abrasive paint on the walls. For any science labs, you will want chemical resistant paints that stand up against unwanted spills and contaminants. The lunchroom and home economics room will be better off with a water based epoxy that is easily washed. Even your regular classrooms will be filled with hanging pictures and stickers.

Painting Options

Sherwin-Williams offers a wide variety of paint products suited for your needs. As a regular user of these products, our painters know what works best. SouthFace LLC uses water-based paints, acrylic, moisture resistant paints, and other special purpose paints for stain resistance, rust, and chemicals. The standards for a school are not the same for a household and we can walk you through the difference in the initial meeting. Unlike other locations, a school is defined by its presence of hundreds of young people who can speed up the lifespan of a nice paint job. You are most likely operating on a smaller budget as well, and we are careful to offer you exactly what you need per room. For example, there is no need to spend more money on chemical resistant paint in you math classroom.

Paint colers for Schools

The easy part is that most schools have two or three colors that make up a school’s team colors. These colors are present throughout ceremonies, sporting events, and pep rallies. Yet, sometimes choosing the dominance or coverage of such colors can be a problem. Perhaps, your school wants school colors striped down the hallway. You may also wish your library to be a neutral color that offers a professional and scholastic atmosphere. SouthFace LLC has the experience to provide what you need. We will make sure that your color scheme is appealing and spirited. We also offer services in painting images and characters (see Decorative Images Tab). We are fully equipped to paint exterior surfaces as well on most surfaces.

Initial Meetings

Considering the options available, we always meet with our clients before beginning. We will walk you through the steps and answer any questions you have about the project. Our preparation methods will allow your school to operate smoothly, even while we work. Students will be aware of wet paint and sections that they must avoid. Our painters are fast and efficient and the work will be done with expertise so that you can return to your rooms to continue the education of your students.

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