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Hospitals and Medical Facilities Interior Painting

For many people, a hospital is the last place they want to be. Horror stories of dingy rooms and cold, bland surroundings fill patients with unease. Many people judge a hospital not just by the service, but by the perceived hygiene of their surroundings. In reality, most care-workers are more concerned with a patient’s health and wellness than they are the walls around them. Yet, certain paints are not ideal for a medical facility and can actually increase the dangers to patients.

Outdated paint

For years, people used lead paint in houses and businesses. This caused drastic health problems that many are still facing. If a hospital has not been fully repainted in the past years, there may still be dangers lurking within the walls. Bacteria are also notorious for sticking to surfaces. Due to increases in technology, special paints can now prevent and even help kill bacteria. There are also paints that are easier to clean to maintain sterility within patient rooms and corridors. Knowing the history of your hospital’s paint can help begin a new chapter in health and recovery.

Make a Difference

Medical equipment can be costly. As regulations rise, hospitals are forced to make budgetary decisions on how to best aid patients. Adding industry approved hygienic paints can be a cost-effective way to increase the sanitation of your hospital. As you begin this process, make a mental checklist.

  • When was the last time the rooms/corridors were repainted?
  • Are the paints currently used up to required hygienic standards?
  • Do the rooms offer an atmosphere adequate to the healing process?
  • What simple steps can beautify the work place to add to employee satisfaction?

Painting at Clinics and Offices

Healthcare also includes dentistry, eye-care, and other fields of specialties. Child-oriented specialists have a distinct and fun challenge in creating interior designs. While sanitation and hygienic standards are important, you also have a wide range of color options to make your business stand out above the competition. Child healthcare is often a relationship-based business and patient families tend to visit doctor offices where their children are most comfortable. Having themed spaces can bring in more business at minimal costs. For offices and clinics, it can be helpful to use more traditional business colors or even home accents. Our paint experts can provide color samples and shading options to suit your needs.

Safety First

When dealing with medical facilities, there is the extra danger of debris and dust. Our trained experts understand the effects of preparation with painting. Before we sand walls or clean, we will isolate the area in progress and ensure that all safety hazards are obvious to clients. If the project takes more than a day, we always clean the surroundings before leaving. That means even if paint is still drying or more rooms are to be completed, your services will not be hindered beyond the area being painted. Once the job is completed, the owner will inspect the area and the painters will clean all tools from the room. Once that is finished, any debris will be cleaned so that you are left with a pristine, newly painted room.

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