House interior painting tips

Painting is one of those skills that it seems almost everyone has experimented with some time in their life. You may never be a professional, but you know how to use a brush and roller. You know the basics. Yet, sometimes we all need a few tips to help us improve our home. These simple steps can do wonders to change a nightmare into a fun, decorative time.

1. Buy a Better Brush/Roller

You thought you were saving money last time and you may not have even realized what the problem was. Your paint looked like it had lines in it and you just couldn’t cut the edges like you saw it done on TV. It seems simple, but buying a better brush may be the only difference between a lackluster coat and a beautiful sheen. Now, you don’t need the most expensive brush there is, but skip that $3 rack. A good brush will paint well and can be reused over and over again.

2. Cleaning Right

Speaking of “over and over again”, maintaining your tools makes the next day much easier. Thoroughly clean brushes when you are done, making sure to dry them and place them in the holder they came in. This will keep bristles strong and flexible for the next day. Another Cool Tip: If you are using a roller and will use the same color the next day- just soak it and wrap it. This can save time and allows the roller to hold a strong coating when you begin again. Double-checking drop cloths and surroundings before you finish can allow you to clean up any spots or sprinkles that may have happened before they fully dry and leave a crust the next day.

3. Carry Plenty of Neutral Colored Rags

Many one-time or casual painters make the mistake of getting started without something to clean up a mess. As you paint, you may get paint on your brush handle, ladder, or even your shoes. Having plenty of clean rags/towels on hand will prevent the accident from getting out of control. Paint on a brush or paint can handle will continue to spread all over the house and before you know it there is paint on your face, back, and kitchen sink!

4. Use Strong, Straight Rolling Patterns

Using a roller seems fast and easy, but so many do it wrong. When using certain paints, every line is more evident. If you stop halfway up a wall and come back later, it will show after it has dried. An extension pole is your best friend. Let the leverage do the work and firmly roll the paint with even pressure up and down the full scale of the wall. Be careful not to touch the ceiling with the roller.

5. Use a Canvas Style Drop Cloth

Once again, going cheap often means spending more. Plastic can be a disastrous substitute for a drop cloth when painting. It is flimsy and moves very easily. Buying a stronger material, like a canvas drop cloth, will make it easier to move about the room. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes (they even have elongated ones for hallways!). A heavier material will sit flatter preventing accidents and will also help protect your floors from a ladder. When the day is done or the job is finished, the drop cloth can be folded up and reused anytime in the future. It is a great investment.

6. Bring a Friend

Painting by yourself can take a long time. If you are slow, your paint will begin to dry where you have brushed before you begin rolling. You will have to stop on every wall to put down the roller and get the brush again. Then, your roller or brush may dry out while you are doing something else. Having a friend, even one that is not that good at painting, can help you roll the walls and you will be done much faster than you ever thought.

7. Have Fun

Put on some music. Invite friends to help. Choose the colors that make you happy. It’s only paint. If you don’t like it, you can change it later. Just have fun and you will learn something more for the next time!

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