When it comes to construction, many things are necessities. You need foundations and studs. You need pipes and electricity. Yet, building a house is more than mere necessities. There is a step taken to make structures a home. You want your finished product to be strong, but also welcoming and admirable. Crown molding is a great way to add extra character to your home.

What is crown molding

Crown molding is usually a crafted, wood piece that hides the connection of the walls to the ceiling. These “trims” can be ornamental, but they can also serve legitimate purposes. Besides hiding cracks, trim is used around doors and open entrances to cover gaps in sheetrock or hold doors or other structural boards in place. Trim offers a strong, elegant look to any doorway or wall.

Cutting Crown Mold

One of the largest concerns with crown mold is making accurate cuts before nailing. The angle of the trim is not flush with the wall. There is actually an open space as the trim ‘hangs’ out from the wall and touches the ceiling above. Assuming the wall and ceiling are straight, you will have a 45-degree angle.

Do not cut the molding right side up! Doing so will not give you the right angle. You must flip the molding upside down before cutting. Many people use a miter box to ensure the angle is accurate. A good way to avoid cutting angles is to purchase square or box style endings for corners and end pieces.

Types and Styles of crown molding

There are ceramic moldings, but the most commonly used are wood. Ceramic is far more expensive, but wood can bend and bow. If you have archways or other abnormal curves in your home, then you may need to buy flexible trim like flex. You will not be able to find this in a regular hardware store. Trim can be as wide as you desire. Some of the smallest is ½ an inch. This is usually cheap and can be used where a fireplace meets the ceiling or for the tops of cabinets. It is not the most desirous of choices, but it is the cheapest. After this, your options go up to 4 and even 7 inches! These can be plain with rounded edges or can be decadent with various designs etched across the surfaces. Some of the moldings are flush against the wall and others have an open space as previously stated. The designs seem limitless, but they definitely must accent the room. A “Man-Cave” would not have elegant, multi-faceted layers of crown molding.


Due to the delicacy of materials and measurements, it is always best to hire a professional. SouthFaceLLC handles crown molding and other trims on a regular basis. We understand the stress that certain pieces can endure and we know the right looks at the right price. In today’s era, much of the usual wood used in stores is warped or cracked. Don’t waste hours digging through piles only to come up short on that design you wanted. Let us help you today.


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