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SouthFace LLC believes in doing the job right from beginning to end. Most people have used a paint brush at one point in their life, but it is rare that most will take the time to truly paint with expertise. Next time you are at someone’s house, take a closer look at the siding, shutters, windows, or doors. An amateur job is obvious to the naked eye. The exterior of a home is the first impression visitors will get. That is why SouthFace hires the best house painters in Birmingham, Al.

Our house painters use their years of experience to your benefit. We only hire trustworthy individuals because we understand that your home is your sanctuary. Having people come to your home to work can be an uncomfortable situation. For us, it is an opportunity to show you how professional we are. We value your home and your business. Our professionals will prep each surface accordingly, explain to you the process, perform their duties, and clean up after each day’s work. As we service the Birmingham area, we come across many needs and requests. We are always happy to do what it takes to beautify your home.

House Painting Tips

Preparation for house painting

Each house painter that works for SouthFace understands the nature of their work. Working outside a home requires care. A careless individual can drip paint on porches or doors, knock dings in wood or brick, or scuff windows and shutters. We make sure to work around the home with clean clothing and equipment. The area to be painted is prepped and painted with the utmost care.

The preparation process:

  • Speak with owner outlining details, locations, and services.
  • Removing any items from area that need to be moved.
  • Pressure wash the exterior.
  • Checking for any deformities, cracks, bumps or holes within the structure.
  • Caulking holes and cracks.
  • Replace rotten wood and glaze windows (if desired).
  • Sanding and smoothing surfaces before painting.
  • Setting out drop cloths to keep bushes or other surfaces clean.
  • Priming, if needed.

Painting house in Birmingham metro

Choosing the right color is very important. Often, homeowners take paint samples home to think on it. For some, this is hard to see. Our house painters know the attributes of certain colors and are able to guide you through this process. Certain light sources or accent colors make all the difference for paints. Also, the glaze changes the way the paint reacts to its surroundings.

Once the surface is prepped and the paint color is agreed upon, our house painters are ready to go to work. Our professionals are able to paint a standard home with very timely precision. While the home is painted, the owner may want to see what the color looks like, but you must remember that wet paint may look different than the final product. Depending on the paint, you may need multiple coats to ensure quality. For example, deep red colors tend to need several coats so that the undercoat does not show through. The house painter will recheck everything, painting and cleaning as needed. When he is finished, the area will be cleaned of all painting supplies and drop clothes leaving you with a beautiful, newly painted exterior.


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