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Much like apartments, hotels see different occupants. Unlike apartments, hotels are subject to far more stressful attrition. How many times have you seen the entryway to a hotel scuffed by luggage and beach chairs? Or perhaps improperly painted bathroom walls that are flaking? How about chairs, tables, or beds that have been shifted along walls leaving unsightly scratches? You may be able to draw in a customer once with these nuisances, but if the customer is unsatisfied with the standards, they will surely not return. They will also share the experience with all their friends and family. What we desire for you is the “wow” factor that people have when they first open the door.

Casual Hotels

Many hotels across the Birmingham area are simply a quick stop for the night. For this reason, people tend to look for cheaper deals. With stiff competition, it usually draws down to which hotels is the nicest for the cheapest price. With wide use of the internet, many people will look for pictures of rooms before booking. If you have invested the adequate funds in a clean, proper paint job, then your pictures will surely impress. When you think of buying brand new furniture and offering other amenities, paint is actually a great way to drastically increase customer satisfaction without breaking the bank.

Condominiums and Luxury Hotels

When customers choose this option, they are looking to be impressed. A smooth egg-shell finish can add shine and luster to an otherwise bland color. Rather than attempt to cover bare walls with expensive pictures and ornaments, it can be better to offer a less cluttered expansive wall painted with premium paints. Adding an accent wall or even a separate color scheme between sections of a large room can add perceive space. If you are working with a condominium, it is a fun and creative idea to make different rooms with different moods. Working with SouthFace LLC offers you the guarantee of consistent excellence throughout each room and each project.

Washable Paints

Due to the ongoing current of people moving through your hotel or condominium, it is a wise investment to use paint that is easy to clean. Often people use hotels without thinking of cleaning up. This leaves you with issues which, when not dealt with, can leave stains or splotches on walls. Using paints that have a gloss allow you to wash walls without fear of saturating paint. A flat paint will be hard to clean, but using our premium Sherwin-Williams choice paints will actually save you time and money in the long run. If someone leaves toothpaste on a bathroom wall, you can easily swipe it away with a rag and leave no smudges behind. This is a very useful attribute to your investments. Instead of repainting and patching over and over again, you can spend quality time and services on getting it done right the first time. Our painters will prep the area by patching all holes and scrapes. Afterwards, by using washable paints, we can guarantee a longer lasting, more durable coat that will leave you and your customers satisfied.


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