Professional Roof Leak Repair

Major roof damage is easy to see but often times strong storm winds may loosen or shift shingles which can then cause leaks. Or maybe after a storm you find a stray shingle laying in the yard and have no idea where it belongs. Many times the first warning of a roof leak is the little orange moisture spot on the sheetrock ceiling. Southface LLC can examine your roof for the source of your leak. Chances are your leak is not directly under the problem section of your roof. Water tends to flow before finding its way inside. Hopefully, fixing your leak might be as easy as tacking down the ruffled shingles but if the work needed is more extensive we can do all the repairs inside or out to solve your leaking roof. It is essential to handle leaks in a timely manner. Leaks can weaken and damage the decking. Long term leaks may even damage roof joists which can be dangerous for your home.

Where do we look for leaks?

• Areas where flashing is used/needed
• Caulk around flashings
• Damaged shingles
• Missing shingles
• Roof cap
• Dormer valleys

After examining for leaks, we may come to the conclusion that it is time for a new roof.
It is essential to have a roofing expert to assess the problem and provide a clear and precise plan of action for the leak repair or the next step. Call Southface LLC for an honest and comprehensive plan for fixing your roofing leaks.

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