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Rental Apartments

If you are renting an apartment, chances are you are not the first to be there. Often, apartments are filled with scratches and dents from previous occupants. Trying to simply paint over these blemishes can leave you unsatisfied with the finished product. Leave it to us to patch, sand, and prep the surface for a smooth coat of paint.

In the event that you are renting an apartment from a landlord, you must always ask permission before painting. Some are more lenient, but others demand professional service. We offer a trusted, valuable option for both landlord and tenant.

Interior Paint Options

Flat paints tend to be best for small apartments. If it is an older room, then the flat paint will cover it without bringing much attention to any imperfections that may be easily seen with higher gloss paint. You must keep in mind the wishes of the landlord as well. Though you may be dealing with bland white walls, your landlord may be more understanding of neutral colors than he/she would of outrageous hues. If you are living on a tight budget and wish to “spruce up” your living quarters, a new coat of paint is one of the cheapest ways to do this.

Owners and Landlords

If you are the owner and wish to find professional service in painting your hard-earned apartments, then we have the answers. Why pay multiple sub-contractors to paint each apartment separately? When you work with us, you are dealing with professionally trained painters who will use the best of equipment to create attractive living spaces for your tenants. Using the same company ensures accountability and follow up services when apartments begin to deteriorate.

Simple Painting Tips for Small Spaces

  • Accent walls can liven up a room and add color to a bland setting
  • Kitchen/dining rooms can be divided by different color schemes, thus making your space seem larger and more welcoming
  • Using high gloss in a small bathroom will help keep you from having to reapply new coats later
  • Neutral and light colors offer a cheaper option removing the need for multiple layers of paint
  • Be aware of natural light sources. A color strip on paper will look different under different light sources
  • Don’t overdo it. Simple colors can offer a great backdrop to other decorations
  • Keep leftover paint, or at least the color scheme, so that any patches can be made with ease

Preparation Before painting

When there is limited work space, preparation is very important. The last thing you want is paint on carpet or furniture. SouthFace has proven methods that make certain that your prized possessions, and your landlord’s carpet, stay clean. Taping off borders can create those beautiful accent walls and room divides that you desire. Drop clothes are a must. When rolling walls in a small room, be mindful of your roller’s handle. It is easy to reach backwards inadvertently and knock a hole in the wall. Bring in the experts and we will make your apartment a home.

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