Basements, Attics, and Corridors Painters

So, you have your kitchen, bathrooms, and living room colors picked out. You know exactly what you want, yet there are those unique spots in your home or office that need some work. Many homeowners have left their basements and attics unattended and lacking of color.


A basement can be used for multiple purposes. Some people use them for storage, but others create game rooms, getaways, or even home businesses. Each of these uses requires certain design techniques. If you are creating a game room or “man-cave”, then you want your basement to be a relaxing, entertaining place. While some may add a T.V., couch, or pool table, many leave the walls barren and bleak. Spending a little extra time to paint the walls will go a long way in creating a space you can be satisfied with. It can also raise the value of your house when you decide to sell. If your basement has been transformed into a work area, then you want it to be pristine for clients who may enter to discuss business. No one wants to do business in a dingy basement. Adding color, or even the appearance of separate areas creates a professional look that is sure to impress any who enter.


If you are tired of shifting boxes around and rummaging through the dark, maybe it is time for a change. Adding light and a color scheme to your attic can expand the living space of your house. If your attic is large enough, then it could be used as an extra bedroom or even a work space. The attic offers you a unique area of the house to use new colors and themes. It could be just the place to try a paint idea you have been holding off on.

Corridors and Common Spaces

Often living rooms or kitchens flow into hallways. Do you paint the hallway the same color as the adjacent room? Perhaps you have an accent wall and the color scheme of the hallway will not match your interior designs. Keeping the corridor the same color as the adjacent space can add the perception of depth. Yet, by changing the color scheme, you create a contrast that can be pleasing to the eye. Painting these special areas tends to take more time. The angles and widths can be challenging. Hallways tend to be tall and thin. This requires constant movement and precision on the part of a painter. Using the wrong drop cloth can waste time. There are cloths made specifically for painting hallways. Taking the time to use the proper equipment helps the process move along quickly and smoothly.

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