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Is it getting that time? Does your roof look a little ragged? Maybe you want a new look/new color, or preparing to sell your home, or making roof alterations – new gable/porch, etc. Call Southface LLC for your roof replacement. No matter what roofing material you have or want, we can handle the roof replacement for you. We are licensed and insured and only use quality roofing materials with the best warranty in the business.

A typical roof is comprised of three major layers – decking also known as sheathing, underlayment which is the waterproofing, and the outer or visible roof material which could be shingles, metal roofing, etc. With a normal roof replacement, shingles and underlayment are removed.
The homeowner might want to save money by skipping the roof demolition and applying the new roofing material over the old. Most building codes do allow for 2 layers of shingles on the roof. When is “new over old” an option? It depends on:

  • the condition of the existing roof to be covered
  • how many layers of roofing already exist on it
  • if the structure can handle the additional weight of an another layer roofing

If there is no water damage with the decking, then new underlayment and shingles can be replaced on it. If the decking does show signs of damage like rot or any other deterioration, the affected decking must be removed. Underlying supports should then be examined for soundness. If additional damage is detected below the decking, steps must be taken to replace or restore those critical components. Once all support structures are sound, new decking can be placed. Southface LLC has the expertise to replace your roof no matter how extensive it might be.

The cost of roof replacement depends on several factors:

  • The size – square footage of roof
  • The layout- what is the slope, are there valleys and dormers, are there chimneys
  • The chosen roofing material- there can be a significant price difference in a basic 3 tab shingle and an architectural shingle
  • The labor – demolition and installation

There are several elements to consider in choosing your roof material. Chances are the size and layout will not change on your house. The labor will also be essentially the same whether you choose the basic 3-tab shingle or the top of the line dimensional shingle. But as we know, you can’t expect to pay the same for labor in 10 years which is the life span for some shingles. So although the better shingles will cost more on the front end, they will be worth the cost over the life of the product. The warranty on shingles usually ranges from 10 to 30 years but may go up to 50 years. Remember, the installation warranty is not the same as the product warranty.

Southface LLC looks forward to serving you and your roofing needs.

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