Choosing the right color for house painting

Grandma’s Refrigerator. Baby Toes. Skipping School. Yes, these are all paint colors. Choosing them can be very difficult. Any time of day you can enter a store and watch people staring listlessly through the hundreds of color options with no clue what they are doing. How do you get a clue?
Choosing the right colors is really not so bad. It is actually an exciting time for most people and often the choices tend to settle on fifteen shades of the same light tan. In the end, many colors are so similar that you will not even notice the difference once you paint the wall. The most important thing is to find the color scheme for your home first.

A Scheme to Hatch

Your walls set the mood for the house. Have you considered the overall theme you wish to have? Rustic Cabin? Beach getaway? Suburban Luxury? It does no good to have beach chairs in a living room with a 3 ft. tall stone lion. Your walls need to set the tone. Think about what rooms are visible from which. Where does the hallway connect? Is the kitchen modern or welcoming? All of these things should play into your choices.

The Egg is Ready

Now that you have a general idea of the style and colors, you need to think about the finish. Flat paint is generally more dull and is not easy to wash off. This can be bad for moisture heavy areas like kitchens and bathrooms and also for areas where kids may play. Flat paint can be used for bedrooms and living rooms where you do not wish to have a high “sheen.” When you get into eggshell or high-gloss paints, you will reflect more light off the wall. This is great for adding color to a home and showing off beautiful walls. The problem with high-gloss is that it shows every imperfection and sheetrock based walls will almost always have a dent or two after a while. Eggshell painted walls can be washed. High-gloss is usually used for cabinets and trim.

Flying the Roost

Eventually you will have to put down the paint card and pick up the brush. Still not sure what color to choose? Have you tried using web programs to look at paint displayed in rooms? This is a great option for those who don’t have the “eye” for paint. It allows you to see a room painted with the color you want. These options also show you complimentary and accent colors. When all else fails, you do not have to buy a large bucket of paint. Buy a sample and take it home. Paint a patch of wall and think on it. An important reminder: paint looks very different under different lights and also when it dries. Many times a person begins to paint a wall thinking it will turn out a certain way only to find a different color in the morning!

Don’t stress, just remember:

  • There are way too many colors to choose from- so don’t try to.
  • Find your theme
  • Stick to your theme
  • If stuck between 3-5 shades that are extremely similar- choose one and move on. You will most likely never notice.
  • Choose the right finish
  • Use samples if needed.
  • Consider lighting in a room
  • Let paint dry before making final decisions.

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