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There’s nothing worse than a low health rating on a restaurant. As customers’ eyes take in your restaurant, they tend to come across those inspection ratings. Often, these ratings deal with other issues, but grime and bacteria on walls and kitchen backdrops definitely play a role. As opposed to a bedroom, commercials kitchens are filled with smoke, grease, oils, fat, and many substances that can stain or permeate walls. Using regular paints will leave you with runs and spots. SouthFace LLC is familiar with industry standards. We understand the types of paint required, but we also know how to use it to bring color and style to your work area.

Commercial Kitchens

As said before, kitchens can accumulate a lot of grime. Regular cleaning is needed in order to maintain faultless appearances. Often, the focus is on cleaning floors and metal parts while neglecting to tend to walls. People usually see walls first when they enter a room. For cosmetic reasons, it is great to have clean walls. Yet, for a kitchen, you must also take care of hygienic issues. One of the best ways to do this is by using washable paints. Those spills and accidents will happen. That’s why it is vital to have easy to clean spaces. With the right paint, it can be as simple as using a wet rag to take away the spill.


Is it casual dining? Formal wear? Are you masking dingy walls with dim lighting? Why not take the time to beautify your main space with eloquent, tasteful color schemes? Depending on the type of restaurant, you can have a variety of paints to choose from. Using SouthFace LLC allows you to utilize our years of expert service and advice. We will take the time to meet with you before beginning to map out what your desires are. During this time, we can offer the best of advice on what paints to use and what colors will compliment your dining area. Customers pay extra for first-class dining. Leave them with a memory that draws them back again and again. When competitive prices level the playing field, your atmosphere can be the one thing that wins you business. Having bland or aged paints can send customers packing.

Antifungal Coating

Many people are not aware of the use of antifungal coating. This allows us to paint a longer-lasting coat that will maintain its vibrancy and sterility. This is an obvious need within a commercial kitchen space, but it is also useful along booths in the dining area. It allows for easier clean up and fights bacteria that may be growing in those hard to reach corners. Bacteria thrives in humid and dark environments. Kitchens and restaurants have both kinds of environments and it can lead to bad ratings and customer dissatisfaction. If you are interested in knowing more about antifungal treatment, give us a call and we will be more than happy to explain to you the long-term benefits of investing in quality paint.


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