You have probably been to the large factory stores. You have sat looking at a cheap cabinet setup and may have decided to purchase it. You thought you saved money. Then, you got home. The wood was cheap. There was no countertop. You had to spend money on paint, a sink, and caulk. After all that, you realized the cabinet was not even the right size. The cheap, factory-cut product ended up costing more than it was worth. Don’t make the same mistake twice.

SouthFaceLLC understands the pressure behind buying cabinetry. Many people do not have the eye for a finished product without seeing it first. With that being said, it is hard to make a large investment without seeing the product. That is why SouthFace spends the time to show you our options, all shapes and sizes. Without cabinets, you have bare rooms. These installations are extremely important to your living space. Spending the right time and money on cabinets will keep you satisfied with the end product.

The Perfect Fit

Choosing custom cabinets allows you to purchase material for your exact needs. No more compromising on your dreams to fit a pre-existing cabinet at the store. You have looked and looked for a cabinet with two sinks that fits in your bathroom, but they are always too long or too short! Get what you want! We are able to measure to your specifications and build exactly what you need.

The Perfect Look

Cabinets that are made right look amazing. Different woods stain differently. A color you wanted may look different on certain surfaces. That is why it is important to find professionals that understand both wood and paint. Cabinets in kitchens and bathrooms will be subject to a lot of water or other liquid damage. Having a protective, luster coat will make it much easier to clean your cabinets while keeping the shine that you desire.

One of the other overlooked details with cabinetry is the handle/knob. In our time, there are so many choices. Why settle for what all your neighbors have? Take the time to peruse the many selections before making a decision.

Breaking Out of the Kitchen

When most people think about cabinets, they think of kitchen cabinets or bathrooms. Many houses have dens or entertainment centers. Having a built in shelf or cabinet can save space in a room and add luxury at little cost. Do you have a lot of books, trophies, or wedding pictures? Don’t clutter the mantle! Install shelves or open faced cabinets that display your prized possessions. Laundry rooms or storage areas can be great places to add cabinets for storing towels, clothes, or even cleaning products. Don’t limit yourself.


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