House Addition in Birmingham, Al

Scope of remodeling work

  1. 1. Misc demo to existing framing to prep for hanging drywall. i.e. existing lights, hooks, nails etc. Misc. material included.
  2. Hang sheetrock and finish. This includes hanging on rafters to make a vaulted ceiling look. Material included.
  3. Wrap the existing 2x4 ceiling joists with finished wood, prime and painted. This will include adding more wood to make wider to give off a look as if there were beams across ceiling.  Material included.
  4. Installing additional plug outlet, upgrade to 2 gang box next to door to allow for 2 switches, install 5 pancake boxes, demo and re-run old wire inside studs to prep for drywall, add floodlight outside and install lights/fixtures provided by homeowner. Fixtures provided by homeowner everything else included
  5. Install small custom cabinet around utilities. Painted or stained.
  6. Install hardwood flooring, provided by homeowner.
  7. Install base board and quarter round. Material included.
  8. Install door casing and misc. trims. Material included.
  9. Priming and painting entire interior when finished. Material included.

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