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SouthFace LLC is a leader in the Birmingham, Al market in providing high quality and affordable painting services.  Our experienced painters are highly recommended by previous customers. Our owner personally oversees each painting project to ensure the best painting services are provided.

We realize that the exterior and the interior of your home makes the first impression on visitors and family. When you come home from a hard day at work or a long vacation, you want to feel welcomed and comforted by your home. Many houses will require the use of a ladder to reach high places and we are always careful to move about with your home in mind. We will make sure to patch and prepare every part of your exterior or interior before beginning. This includes those hard to reach areas. We use Sherwin-Williams paints unless you choose another brand. We also use top-notch equipment to ensure a satisfying outcome. Since the weather is always changing in Alabama, we work diligently to paint your exterior and interior before the elements can create any altercations.

Choosing the right color

Choosing the right color of paint can be a challenge. With all the choices, it's hard to even know where to start. We have gathered some of the best painting tips over the years and are here to help you decide. When picking out your paint, it's not just about matching the furniture or curtains, but how the colors make you feel. Our preparation process allows you to see the process in detail. Pricing for paint varies between the amount of prep and material per job. A basic room obviously involves painting walls, ceiling, trim, windows, closets, and doors. Pricing is per room and starts at $100.00 per room. 


Exterior re-paint costs vary depending on the square footage and preparation time. The materials used vary on the structure and these things must be taken into consideration. Most projects start at around $1500.00. Interior painting prices also depend on the square footage of the room. Most projects start around $200 per room.

Preparation Process For Interior Painting

When painting inside the interior of your home you have many facets of prep. This process can be very messy and inconvenient to a homeowner and their family. That is why we put a lot of effort not only into preparation for the sake of the finished product but keeping things clean as possible during this process for the homeowner's comfort.

  • Laying drop clothes, plastic, taping thick paper on floors to prevent scratching during high labor foot traffic.
  • Sealing off entryways that lead to areas that do not need to be disturbed by the renovations to keep the rest of your home as clean and comfortable as possible during this process.
  • Hand washing your walls, baseboards, window/door casings, moldings, etc.
  • Sanding all walls and knocking down any imperfections that have been acquired throughout the years.
  • Skimming all imperfections with sheetrock mud, spackle or plaster.
  • More sanding
  • Washing again to get rid of dust created during this process
  • Applying caulk to all joints in moldings, etc.
  • Priming all areas that were repaired or drastic color changes
  • Cutting in paint in corners of walls, doors, windows, closets, trim, and moldings with brushes
  • Followed closely behind is the "roller man" who rolls walls right after the "cut man" cuts paint to keep a "wet edge" to prevent lines on walls.
  • Add second coat
  • Touch up walkthrough
  • Detail clean EVERYTHING, "making it look nicer than it was when we found it", is our motto.
  • Final walkthrough with homeowners.

Preparation Process For Exterior Painting

Unlike Interior painting, working with the exterior of the house presents many unforeseen challenges. Gutters clog. Rain and weather create mildew or even rot. Insects make nests and deteriorate wood. Especially in the south, we have many critters and the humidity causes siding and caulk to expand and contract throughout the changing seasons. The paint can be caked or cracked from years of wear. For some people, a simple new look is all that is needed. Investing in the exterior face can be a great way to improve your home.

Preparing the exterior of a house can take some time. Often, the wear and tear of time can leave surfaces rough or cracked. Our painters first need to inspect the outer perimeter for extreme cases. If there are missing planks of broken bricks, you will have to repair these major areas before the painting process can begin. Once that is done, a general clearing of debris will begin. Wood splinters must be sanded, spider-webs or other foreign matter must be removed and the exterior completely cleaned before moving forward. The painters will then caulk and fill-in those places that can be amended. This will provide the homeowner with a beautiful, smooth surface to be painted. If there are any window panes, the crew will remove and paint, if needed, to bring more flair to your home.

Our professionals are in uniform with a positive and willing attitude to make you happy throughout this process. We not only want to paint or repair your home but everyone on your streets home! So we have other incentives to keep this up as well.

  • Inspect the entire house for rotten wood or faulty hardware throughout
  • Hand and pressure wash the entire exterior with plant and human safe solution that helps strip dirt flakey paint off of your house before repair.
  • Allow home to dry out. Weather is imperative in this process.
  • Demo everything on the inspection list and repair. This includes any veneer, door, window, fascia, soffit, gutter, any type of siding, window glazing, window screens, roofing, brick, stone, etc.
  • When repairing these items we use the best material we can get so further damage isn't an issue for you down the road.
  • Apply caulk, glazing, putty, etc. to all joints of windows, doors, etc. around your home.
  • Spot prime every repair or major color change around your home
  • Hand brush, Spray or roll paint onto you home
  • Walkthrough touch up
  • Final walkthrough with homeowners

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Take a look at our painting work

Earning trust

At SouthFace Renovation & Construction, we understand that contracting a painting company and letting them inside your own home is a matter of trust. Every single day, on every single job, our painters do their best to earn the customers' trust by ensuring that the painting task is not only completed correctly but also promptly with no interruption for the client. They do the job perfectly the first time, so you can resume your normal activities.
Before our painters begin painting, you will first meet the owner of the crew as well as the painters that will be working on your home. 

In order to ensure persistently good results, our painters will at all times use the right tools as well as equipment for the task at hand and also use Sherwin-William paint or any paint that the customer may prefer.

Our Painting Testimonials

We offer a comprehensive painting work

  • House painting - exterior, interior
  • Painting rooms-including cover furniture and floors protective foil and the final cleaning
  • Painting apartments-rooms and a comprehensive paint flats on key including cleaning
  • House painting solutions to corridors, basements, attics, common space and apartments
  • Painting the interiors of all types with an emphasis on the correct functionality and aesthetic effect of coatings
  • Commercial painting - painting companies-shops, services, manufacturing and warehouse space and offices with an emphasis on marketing effect
  • Painting classrooms and schools-including the use of special abrasion-resistant colors and signal marking passages
  • Painting hospitals and other medical facilities according to special hygienic standards
  • Painting offices and public buildings and institutions-color tuning increasing mental well-being of workers
  • Painting of hotels, boarding houses and other accommodation facilities-quality washable paints saves operating costs
  • Painting restaurants, kitchens, and other eating establishments-effective antifungal coating to ensure compliance with the demanding hygienic standards
  • Painting buildings and large buildings, factories, production plants, logistics complexes, supermarkets and storage facilities
  • Decorative painting-paint image themes, characters, coats of arms and other works of art by the master and enter the customer

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