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A majority of paint companies are not prepared to undertake a large project. It requires special equipment and lots of materials. Also, when using sub-contractors, most do not feel comfortable paying the price for a job with unknown outcomes. SouthFace LLC does not use sub-contractors. All of our painters are company trained professionals who work under the supervision of both a crew leader and our owner. Since we are equipped to handle large facilities, we know how best to approach the situation.

Overcoming Heights

One of the major obstacles with large facilities is the overall height of the building. Some need a ceiling coat and others will need paint applied to the exterior as well. We utilize both scaffolding and lifts to accomplish these tasks. In the case of a gymnasium, there may be a special design stripe across the wall. This can turn out uneven if not prepped properly. We bring our experience to the table to ensure such designs are always up to par.

Special Circumstances 

If it is a supermarket, then there are a variety of paints that can be used. Easily washable paints can be a great idea throughout the store for cleaning purposes, but supermarkets will need anti-fungal, bacteria resistant paint for produce and meat sections. Sanitation is of utmost importance when handling raw meats and you do not want bacteria clinging to your walls.

Factories can often house volatile chemicals and products that can react with certain paints. There are fire hazards, as well as, chemical erosion possibilities. We know the many variations of paint and can help you choose the safest, most reliable paints to keep your factory smooth and operating. We also follow a step by step preparation method before beginning. We will section off the area to be painted and will always clean up at the end of the day even if the job is not finished yet. All supplies will be removed and workers/visitors will be made aware of any zones that need to be avoided.
Some storage facilities are temperature controlled, but others are not. If the building faces extreme temperature changes, this can have an effect on the wrong paint. This applies to warehouses as well. Using an oil-based paint can prevent these paint runs and keep stored materials from being contaminated by paint. There are many variations of paint to suit your needs. These will keep your walls strong under extreme weather conditions.

Choosing the Right Options

How many purposes does your building utilize (ex: service, storage, manufacturing, etc.)?
Are your bathrooms, temperature sensitive rooms, and bacteria prone spaces properly painted?
Do you know the types of chemicals and hazards present in your building and how they react with certain paints?

Are there natural light sources? Will the colors you choose look the same as you imagined under your lighting conditions?

Answering these questions is a great place to start. Remember that SouthFace LLC always has a preliminary meeting in which we can discuss all of these options and more.


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