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Choosing colors for a home can be vastly different than the needs of a business. As seasoned professionals, SouthFace LLC has seen many trends throughout the business world. Depending on the size and style of business, each company wants to exude a certain atmosphere to its visitors. Let us help you make the right decisions. You may be thinking that your office building has to maintain a sterile, business-like style, but this does not always mean the walls must be white or beige. There are many options that can both make customers comfortable and also raise the morale of your employees.

Questions to Ask before starting a painting project

  • Does my workspace see a lot of visitors?
  • How many, if any, windows allow for natural light?
  • Do our break areas or conference rooms look bleak and uncomfortable?
  • Are there damages to our walls that are unattractive to customers?
  • Is our color scheme aesthetically pleasing to the eye? If not, how can we change it?

Standing Above the Competition

In the business world, there are many competitors. Often, customers make decisions based on minute details that may seem irrelevant to the job. A professional and clean office can impress customers and allow you to do business without unneeded distractions. When you meet with one of our crew-leaders, you can expect to have an open ear to suggestions, as well as, needed advice on what colors compliment which areas. Warehouses tend to not see much customer traffic, but having a neat and tidy paint job keeps your company professional especially when the occasional customer takes a tour. Many times, a customer will choose the business that looks professional all around. This includes warehouses and bathrooms.

Shop Painters

Operating a shop offers many diverse ways to decorate. Whether it is a bakery or a jeweler, you want the right colors to match your environment. For example, if you are a jeweler working in a mall or park surrounded by other jewelers, your outstanding color may be the one difference that draws customers. You may want a bold background or perhaps a cool, relaxing color that brings attention to your products. Running a tropical-based beach store or tanning salon will need a different touch than a casual coffee house. You want a proper ambience and this is brought about largely through a well chosen color scheme.

Unfinished Business painters

Perhaps you have already opened your store, or you are in need of urgent repair. How do you continue operating while painters do their job? SouthFace LLC understands your concern and we have trained each and every employee to perform with the proper etiquette in any situation. We not only clean up our final product, but we make sure to keep the work area clean throughout the process. We will prepare the area to be painted with drop clothes, tape, and boundaries so that customers are not impeded or in danger of getting wet paint on them. We work quickly and professionally so that the job is over before you know it! Our step by step approach allows us to move seamlessly through your business completing our task with minimal distraction to your every day work.


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