Repaired and Painted Rotten Wood

SouthFace Renovations & Construction repaired and painted all rotten wood on the house in Birmingham, Al. Our House painters are skilled professionals

Scope of House Repairs:

  • Repair mortar on upper center front of home 
  • Install 3 sashes
  • Front door stain exterior
  • Pressure wash home
  • Paint iron Handrail in front
  • Paint all Black flashing
  • Replace handrail 6x6 (top side only)
  • Replace 3 full deck boards
  • Install Backer rod on all cracked window caulk joints for new caulk adhesion
  • Nose sill on rear window
  • Nose sill on rear bottom
  • Prep and paint entire exterior of home
  • Prep before Painting includes:
  • Scrape all flaking paint, spot prime heavily prepped areas, caulk all joints and paint to match existing colors
  • Pressure wash, Prep, and Stain Deck with solid Stain

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1024 Alford Ave
Birmingham, AL 35266
Phone: (205) 570-1818