Exterior house repair & windows glazing in Vestavia Hills, Al

SouthFace did painting of exterior of the house, reglazed windows, repair roten wood

Scop of work

  • Pressure/hand wash entire exterior of the house
  • Scrape all loose or flakey paint
  • Repair or replace rotton wood
  • Caulk all joints
  • Repair and reattach gutters
  • Reglaze 17 windows
  • Painting of the house exterior and windows
  • Interior front bay window repair(scrape, sand and paint)

Contact Us

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1024 Alford Ave
Birmingham, AL 35266

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(205) 570-1818

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SouthFace Renovations LLC

1024 Alford Ave
Birmingham, AL 35266
Phone: (205) 570-1818