Exterior painting preparation Birmingham, Al

If you are thinking about painting the exterior of your home, there are some vital steps you must take before beginning.

Clean surface

First, you have to have a clean surface to paint on. This is harder than it sounds. Depending on your location, there can be all kinds of debris, insects, and liquids that contact the surface of your home. Making a careful examination of your home can save time and money in the long run. If you are able, a pressure washer is one of the best ways to clean the surface. You can use cloths and cleaning supplies, but the chemicals used in a pressure washer are your best bet in clearing the surface of mildew or other residues.

Look for defects

When you have properly cleaned the surface, you now need to look for defects. Perhaps you moved into the house and have never painted the outside. If this is the case, you may not have noticed certain cracks, breaches, broken siding or even holes. If you have completely replaced old siding with something new, then it is still a good idea to double check in case something was damaged during installation.

Caulk around windows

Depending on the magnitude of breaks, it may be necessary to caulk or even use cement, or another type of heavy paste, to fill large voids. If it is a wood siding, you may have to replace rotten or broken wood.

Sand rough spots

Now that you have washed the surface and filled in all deformities, it is time to smooth the surface. If you have used caulk, there may be some rough spots. If the house is older, there may be chipped paint or wood that needs to be sanded or brushed away. Vary intensity depending on the surface.

Use a prime paint first

You are getting closer! Prime anything that is not primed. Make sure all windows and doors are properly secured. If you have loose objects around the perimeter, you will need to remove them to decrease the chance of accidents. Bushes and other non-movable objects need to be covered in plastic or with a drop cloth. If you are using a sprayer, then it is time to cover windows or other areas you do not wish painted. Shutter need to be removed and painted separately. If you are using paint brushes and rollers, then it is a great idea to tape off certain areas as well.

Use a right size ladder

Have a ladder that is appropriate for the job. It is dangerous to use a short ladder to reach high places. A good rule of thumb is to keep the buckle of your belt inside the ladder. Never overreach and stretch out away from the ladder. Doing so may lead to life-altering injuries when you could have simply stepped down and moved the ladder a few feet.

Use quality brushes to avoid defects

Finally, make sure you have quality brushes, rollers, and paint. Many people try to save money and skip out on quality tools. Spending seven dollars rather than fifteen dollars is not worth the savings. You will have lower quality work, bristles fall out of cheap brushes, cheap rollers smudge and leave lent, and you end up having to buy more before the job is through. A quality brush will last a long time if taken care of and is a worthy investment for your home. Quality preparation will help you have a quality finished product.


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