Indian Valley House Exterior Painting

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This home was mostly brick home. The customer called us for an exterior painting estimate and we were able to give them a competitive price, so they chose us. First order of business was these customers wanted there trim colors and siding colors swapped. They wanted dark shades where lighter shades were and light shade where the dark shades were. When doing color changes like these its very meticulous especially when there are a lot of windows involved. after 3-4 coats of primer and paint and a lot of prep work this house turned out amazing!

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Johnny Debliux IV

Rotten chimney repair in Birmingham, Al

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SouthFace Renovations repaired/remodeled this rotten chimney. We replaced all the damaged wood and painted the entire chimney.

Repair steps:

  • SouthFace removed and hauled off all the rotten siding on the chimney.
  • Replaced a chimney cap and flashing.
  • Replaced rotten pieces of siding with new siding and trim boards.
  • Applied caulk & primed and painted the chimney with Sherwin Williams exterior latex paint.
  • We also repaired a window beside the chimney.

Johnny Debliux IV