Vestavia Hills bathroom remodel

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When I first walked into this bathroom it was extremely dated. The shower pan had a really weird draining system that had leaked and over time the shower pan went bad. This caused a really horrible odor amongst the home. The home owner was on a budget so we went right to work trying to make this vision of hers happen.

Once again my designers found me in a position trying to give a customer an extremely nice bathroom on a budget!

We decided to go ahead and demo the entire room and start from scratch. New plumbing into slab foundation, new shower placement, bigger his & her vanity with knee space and new lighting among some other small things. Double shower heads hit you from up top and side with wall Niche for storage and a sloped shower bench.

We once again went with our Mid-continent cabinet line with limestone counter tops. We found a great deal on ceramic tile that had a feaux wood look at one of our vendors we work closely with. New fixtures from Kenny and company, new toilet, baseboards and paint! A few decisions later and we had a bathroom that not only made sense, had a relaxing feel to, but also didn't stink up the entire home!

Johnny Debliux IV

Mountain Brook Bathroom Remodel

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This bathroom was a major undertaking. There were so many variables. This bathroom was the first bathroom we had ever remodeled with a steam shower with a tub inside of the actual shower and bathroom that is handicap accessible!
With custom cabinets from our Mid-continent cabinet line picked out by the homeowner. These cabinets weren't enough, they had to add their own touch to it so we followed their demands and installed a drawer front look to the sink base cabinet so it looks like there are drawers all across the face of attached vanity cabinets.
The flooring, walls and ceiling were Honed marble tiles hung on the ceiling, walls, and floors of variant colors that weighed 15 lbs. a piece! Granite countertops, custom mosaic splash above tub.
Inside of these floors was a heating system. Since the nature of stone is to hold whatever temperature is around them, which is normally cold, these coils kept the floor nice and warm to the touch.
The shower had a digital control panel that control steam, heat and lighting.
New lighting was installed to really make this bathroom shine when it needed and dim to set a relaxing mood.
Fixtures included hand forged under mount sinks, custom knee space area for a place to "fix yourself up" and many more custom adds to this intricate vanity system.
We also built and installed a custom wall cabinet inset in sheetrock with mirror back and stained to match vanity cabinets.
There are many more components inside this bathroom that I am sure I missed above but I hope this helps in giving you some ideas when deciding on your bathroom design.

Johnny Debliux IV

Kitchen Remodel in Mountain Brook, Alabama

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Before we were called the homeowners worked with a design architect to make plans for this giant undertaken on this dated kitchen and exterior in Mountain Brook. We worked directly with the architect, homeowner and all people involved during this "bid process".

It took about a week and half just to estimate this project because there were so many variables. We were bidding against another company and were able to beat them and stay competitive!

The homeowners were provided an estimate in a binder and after several meetings with all parties involved we set out to make this home look exactly like their vision.

The work timeline was set on paper to help judge the estimated time on the project. Payment plan was made in the contract of an established percentage up front deposit and weekly pay applications agreement was made scheduled beforehand all the way to the final check. The "change order" process was explained and protocol for that setup. Then initial check was written and deposited and off we go.

First things first is all hardware, cabinets, appliances, doors, windows, paint colors, tile, marble tops, fixtures of all types, electrical, stains, designs were picked or matched to drawings and ordered for timely project management so project would flow smoothly and not take a long time.

We realize when undertaking a project like this it is imperative that if we have a family living in the home during the renovation we must keep it as close to the way we found it as possible. So everyday we installed plastic on walls to block off dust from entering the other rooms of the home and brown paper on floors to protect from all the debris and traffic. We had cleaning crews come in before and after work weekly all while crews cleaned up after themselves daily. We want all experiences to be positive one not a hassle or a traumatic event!!!!

We sawed, tore down and demoed all walls, floors, decks, sheet rock etc in the demo section of the drawings. Load bearing walls were taken out, plumbing was moved, electrical of all kinds were moved, cabinets and the entire existing design of that home was changed. We did code updates and the initial inspection with the city of Mountain brook happened and passed.

We had to have structural engineers and building inspectors to pass our designs throughout the process with little or no hangups!

Lets start outside and work our way in. The deck was re-built with gable roof over the top with exposed rafter ceiling with a decorative T-111 installed to make the ceiling look amazing. Galvanized goat wire fencing was cut and framed in between posts for a different approach to handrails.

Exterior of home was painted and deck was stained many different colors to make it look almost like a mountain home out west. A giant fan, TV and sound system installed.

Working our way in, the New French doors were installed where a window once was and the existing door was covered up and siding installed so you could never tell it was there.

On the inside we started with the sheet rock. Its was all hung, patched, floated and prepped.

The existing hardwood floors butted up against the tile. Once the tile was removed we "toothed" in the hardwood floors and stained and finished to match existing. When we were done the floors looked like they had always existed in the kitchen.

Then the Cabinets were installed. This was the biggest cabinet order we had ever made. With an 8 foot island and base cabinets that wrapped around the entire perimeter. These were finished and completely wrapped in plastic for the remainder of the process. We have designers on staff to show you your cabinet options with the spaces you have and help turn your vision into drawings on paper so you can actually see what your getting before you buy! Free of charge.

The marble tops were then installed. Before these were picked the homeowner went to the actual "stone slab shop" to pick these out among 1000s of other slabs from Italy and all over the world. Each slab looks different so its imperative that you go see before you buy.

Hand made tile was picked out from all the way in Washington state. This back splash went from the top of the cabinets all the way to the ceiling. Since there were no wall cabinets like in most kitchens we installed these "Free floating restored wooden" shelves into this very delicate tile.

The electricians came to install all fixtures and wired the entire house for sound!

The plumbers came and installed smart touch water faucets, an alkaline water facet, gas stove, fridge, dishwasher and a few other items.

Painters came matched all colors picked buy home owners, prepped and painted to match homeowner color choices. Then went to work doing final touchups.

At this point to recap_ Exterior of home was painted, Deck was built, doors and windows were swapped around, hardwood floors were toothed in to match existing, design and cabinets were established and installed, all new stone counters and back splash installed, plumbing and electrical fixtures installed and paint was finished.

We did this job with a very minimum amount of Change orders an stayed exactly on our schedule stated in the itinerary. This is not always the case but we did it!!!! We also made some great friends with our customers and continue to hang out and talk to date!

Now we were ready for the final inspection from the city. Once that was finished and passed we took pictures, wrote this content and here you see it in front of your face.

Walking in to see the entire family... Daddy(Clay), Mom(Jenn), Georgia, Maze and little Vivi eating at the island after putting up with us for a month and a half was awesome! There are so many details that I'm sure I left out, however, I think you get the picture hopefully and that is we are capable of reproducing this experience and hope we can get a shot at YOUR future projects!

Please give SouthFace Renovations, LLC a shot to estimate your future projects!


See our remodeling pictures - after & before

Johnny Debliux IV

Kitchen remodel in Crestwood, Al

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We have completed a lot of work in this neighborhood. When we started this was the only neighborhood we worked in. Its a very historical area of Birmingham and we enjoy making these houses in Crestwood look new again. We prepped, primed all the cabinets and restored them from wood to a very nice off white painted set of cabinets. The base cabinets were a shade darker than the wall cabinets.
After that we installed a Mosaic tile backsplash directly onto the sheetrock. We painted the walls and changed the mouldings from black to white. These jobs turned out amazing. Another Crestwood, Birmingham, Al house under the belt.

Johnny Debliux IV

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